About Us!

Moster Island is an crypto adventure game where players can upgrade monster pets through different adventures to get token rewards. Monster Island is BSC based, with a circulation of 100 million tokens. We have unique draw mechanism in our token. Monster pets are divided into five levels and three element classes including fire, water and rock. Monster as your own pets, can battle for you, upgrade, and create next gen monsters. Monster can also be traded in the market with higher price.


Monster with different attribute

Monsters have three different attributes: fire, water and rock. Each attribute have different properties, which is very useful in battle, trade and fertility.

Earn more money

There are a lot of ways to earn more in Monster Island. You can draw eggs to open more rare monsters, more rare means higher price. You can earn token by trading monters, battling with players and bosses, also holding our own token, the price of token will go to the moon!

Token management

We released our own token in BSC chain, you can buy it in pancake after we publish it. Once you get tokens, you can start your adventure in Monster Island.

Trading market

Trading is an important feature in Monster Island.You can buy and sell your monster to earn token anytime you want. Especially when you have an 5 star Monster, you are welcome:)

You should not miss this!

  • The excitement of having an "open world" Monster Island game is enough to make someone dive right in and spend hours having fun with monsters. Some flaws do hinder the experience, but overall the game design, Monster upgraded system and the trading market all work very well and minimize frustration with minimal "unfair " deaths. This allows the player to earn his victories fairly and smoothly with a very cooperative battle system.

Roadmap & News

Latest News

20 Sept 2021.

Game & Token Availiable

Game published and token open trading.

15 Oct 2021.

Whitepaper released

Marketing begin. Players over 1000. token posted on several exchanges.

15 Dec 2021.

Monster Island Metaverse

Monster Island 2.0: Over 200 monters. NFT release and trading. More features ongoing...

Featured Events

Presale will begin with 100bnb soft and 200bnb hard. If you are lucky enough to successfully join presale. congratulations!
3% game reward; 2% Project Operation; 3% marketing; For each trading: 3% game reward; 2% Project Operation; 3% team marketing.
We are almost ready to fire! Welcome to join our telegram group and there are a lot of airdrop waiting for you! TG: https://t.me/MonsterIslandEnglish